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We provide high quality Satin or Gloss prints
in standard sizes and custom sizes in various formats: Square, Landsacpe, Portrait
and Panoramic. We offer some of the best
prices whilst using highest quality photographic print materials.
Why not use our free online service to create your Photo Enlargements or even a Collage Photo Enlargement.


We offer high quality Canvas prints, known as photos on canvas. We use 2 depths of stretcher frames - 1.8cm and 3.8cm deep. Our canvas prints are some of the highest quality prints available. Choose from our standard or custom size canvas prints or even our special split frame canvas prints! Why not use our free online service to create your Photo On Canvas or even a Collage Canvas.

AcrylicFramed Prints

Are looking to display your photos in a modern environment ? Then why not try our modern acrylic frames and select from a variety of different coloured acrylic panels to place your favourite photo in. Let our acrylic frame photo service make your photo stand out in your room. Why not use our free online service to create your Acrylic Framed Print, or even a Collage Acrylic Frame Photo.

Are You A Professional
Or In The Graphics Industry?

Then why not contact us about arranging an account with us and discuss your requirements, plus potential volume discounts and an FTP account!

Choose The Way You Upload Your Photo

Contact Us:

London - 020 718 34714
Birmingham - 0121 285 1454
Manchester - 0161 850 4590
Edinburgh - 0131 850 4590

Skype ID = photoenlarging

Email: sales@photoenlarging.co.uk

Special Events

If you are having a special event whether it’s a:

Club Event - School Event - Sports Event -
Works Event - Reunion - Birthday
Wedding And More!.

Let us set up a special event page so that people can view and buy prints!

We can password it so only you and the people who attended the event can view and purchase photo enlargements.

Call or Email for details today!!


Full Range Of Photo Collage and Mosaics

If you have a number of photos from a special event or a number of photos that tell a story and you want to produce something different and special from them, why not create a Photo Collage or a Photo Mosaic.

So what is a Photo Collage?

Basically a Photo Collage is where you produce one photo enlargement using a number of other photos ranging between 5 - 10 or more photos. Each photo is either slightly overlaid over each other, or separated by a border!

Our online design software will help you automatically design and create your Photo Collage with up to 10 photos.

If you have more than 10 images you would like to use - call us and email your pictures in. We will create the collage for you.



Create your Photo Collage on Satin, Gloss or Matt Photographic Material




Create your Photo Collage as an Acrylic Framed Photo









Create your Photo Collage as
Canvas Print


If you have a number of photos why not use them to create a photo enlargement collage by using our free online collage creator. Plus we are adding even more photo products that you can print your photo on, so keep watching for updates on our websites.

So what is a Photo Mosaic?

Basically a Photo Mosaic is where a master photograph is chosen that defines the outline of the main photo enlargement. This is then created from a range of small images/photos.

Once a main photograph is selected a further number of other photos are chosen (a mosaic works better with a large number of photos - around 500 +) which are each vastly reduced in size by us (reduced to around 1cm in size). Each one of these photos are then selected dependant upon colour, density and brightness to be optimally placed to re-create the master photograph that forms the main photo enlargement.


Old Photograph Photo Enlargement

If you have old photographs (up to A4 in size) simply send them by post to us and we will scan them  in on our high definition scanners. Always send your photos Recorded or Special Delivery and we will return them with your order - Click Here For Our Address Details – Let us know your contact details including a day time telephone number. You do not need to send any payment as we will contact you once we have received the photos.